How To Turn On Heat In Tesla Model 3

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How to Turn on the Heat in a Tesla Model 3: A Comprehensive Guide

Staying warm and comfortable in your Tesla Model 3 is crucial, especially during chilly weather. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to effectively turn on the heat in your Tesla Model 3, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort during your driving experience.

Climate Control System in Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 features an advanced climate control system designed to maintain a comfortable temperature within the cabin. This system includes dual-zone automatic climate control, which allows you to set different temperatures for the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Additionally, the Model 3 offers heated and ventilated seats, further enhancing your comfort.

Turning on the Heat

1. Start the Vehicle:

Before you can adjust the temperature, you need to start your Tesla Model 3. Once the vehicle is running, the climate control system will automatically turn on.

2. Access the Climate Control Menu:

The climate control menu can be accessed in two ways:

  • Touchscreen: Tap the “Climate” icon on the bottom left corner of the touchscreen.
  • Voice Command: Say “Turn on the heat” or “Set the temperature to [desired temperature].”

3. Adjust the Temperature:

Once you have accessed the climate control menu, you can adjust the temperature using the temperature slider. Slide the slider towards the red zone to increase the temperature. The temperature will appear next to the slider, indicating the desired cabin temperature.

4. Select the Fan Speed:

If you want to increase the airflow and evenly distribute the heat, you can adjust the fan speed using the fan icon. Tap the icon to increase or decrease the fan speed as needed.

5. Activate Heated Seats (Optional):

If your Tesla Model 3 is equipped with heated seats, you can activate them to further enhance your comfort. Tap the “Seats” icon on the climate control menu and select “Heated.” Adjust the heating level using the slider provided.

Tips and Expert Advice

1. Use Scheduled Preconditioning:

Preconditioning your Tesla Model 3 before getting in allows you to warm up the cabin even before you start the vehicle. Schedule preconditioning through the Tesla app or the touchscreen to ensure a comfortable temperature upon entering your vehicle.

2. Utilize Defrost Mode:

If your windshield or windows are fogged up, activate the defrost mode by selecting the “Defrost” icon on the climate control menu. This mode will direct warm air to the windshield or windows to clear condensation.

3. Maximize Heat Output:

For optimal heat output, keep the air conditioning system turned off while using the heater. The air conditioning system can cool the air, reducing the effectiveness of the heat.


Q: Why is my heat not working?

  • Ensure the climate control system is turned on.
  • Check if the temperature is set to a low level.
  • Verify that the air conditioning system is turned off.

Q: How do I adjust the heat for the passenger side separately?

  • Tap the “Dual” icon on the climate control menu to activate dual-zone climate control.
  • Use the temperature slider on the passenger side of the screen to adjust the temperature for that zone.

Q: Can I turn on the heat remotely?

  • Yes, you can remotely turn on the heat through the Tesla app. Tap on “Climate” in the app and adjust the temperature accordingly.


Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your Tesla Model 3 is essential for a pleasant driving experience. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively turn on the heat and adjust the climate control system to suit your preferences.

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