How To Get My Rocket League Cars In Fortnite

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How to Get Your Rocket League Cars in Fortnite

Imagine the adrenaline rush of soaring through the air in Rocket League, and now picture unleashing that same exhilarating experience on the battlegrounds of Fortnite. Well, this dream is now a reality! In this guide, we’ll delve into the realm of player collaboration and mod customization to help you bring your beloved Rocket League cars to the Fortnite arena, unlocking a whole new level of vehicular warfare and style.

Rocket League Cars in Fortnite: Unveiling the Enigma

The integration of Rocket League cars into Fortnite is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the gaming community. Driven by a shared passion for both titles, players have found ways to seamlessly merge these virtual worlds, enabling Rocket League enthusiasts to showcase their prized vehicles on the Fortnite map. By harnessing the power of mods and custom content, they have unlocked a realm of possibilities that extend beyond the confines of each game’s original design.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Modding Glory

To embark on this modding adventure, you’ll need a few essential prerequisites:

  1. Epic Games Launcher: Download and install the Epic Games Launcher, the official platform for accessing Fortnite.
  2. BakkesMod: Install BakkesMod, a Rocket League mod manager that allows you to customize your in-game experience.
  3. Rocket League Custom Car Mod: Download a Rocket League custom car mod that includes the Fortnite car model you desire.

Once you have these components in place, follow these steps to bring your Rocket League cars to life in Fortnite:

  1. Enable Custom Maps: Launch Rocket League and navigate to “Settings” > “Gameplay” > “Enable Custom Maps”. This setting allows you to load custom maps into the game.
  2. Load the Custom Map: Open BakkesMod and select “Maps” > “Load Map”. Locate the downloaded Rocket League custom car map and load it into the game.
  3. Activate the Mod: Return to the main Rocket League menu, select “Play” > “Custom Maps”, and choose the custom map you just loaded.
  4. Select Your Fortnite Car: In-game, select “Bots” > “Player” and choose the Rocket League car that corresponds to the Fortnite car model in the custom map.
  5. Join Fortnite Creative: Exit Rocket League and launch Fortnite. Select “Creative” from the main menu and create a new island.
  6. Import Rocket League Car: In Fortnite Creative mode, go to the “My Library” tab and select the “Vehicles” category. Find the “Rocket League” subcategory and place the imported car on your island.
  7. Enjoy the Ride: Get behind the wheel of your Rocket League car in Fortnite and experience the thrill of driving it on the battlefield!

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Choose High-Quality Mods: To ensure the smoothest experience, select Rocket League custom car mods from reputable sources that have been thoroughly tested and receive positive feedback from the community.
  • Maintain Game Updates: Keep your Rocket League and Fortnite games up to date to avoid compatibility issues with mods.
  • Use Mods Responsibly: Respect the modding community’s guidelines and use mods only in custom games or private matches to prevent disrupting other players’ experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use custom maps in online multiplayer matches?
A: No, custom maps are only available in private or local matches. Using them in online multiplayer could result in sanctions.

Q: Do Rocket League car mods affect my gameplay?
A: Rocket League custom car mods do not alter the core gameplay mechanics. They solely change the cosmetic appearance of your car.

Q: Can I use custom mods in Fortnite’s battle royale mode?
A: No, custom mods are not compatible with Fortnite’s battle royale mode. They can only be used in Fortnite Creative mode.

Q: Is using mods against Fortnite’s terms of service?
A: Epic Games does not endorse or support the use of mods. Using them at your own discretion and risk could potentially lead to account sanctions.


Getting your Rocket League cars in Fortnite is an exciting journey that combines the best of both worlds. By embracing player collaboration and the power of mods, you can unlock a new level of customization and experience the thrill of Rocket League on the Fortnite battlefield.

Are you ready to unleash your Rocket League cars in Fortnite? Embark on this modding adventure and let the battles rage!

Fortnite Gets Its First Rocket League Car

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