How Long Would It Take to Watch All of EastEnders?

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When it comes to iconic British soap operas, EastEnders reigns supreme. Since its debut in 1985, the show has captivated audiences with its gripping storylines and unforgettable characters. But how long would it take to watch every single episode of this beloved series?

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How Long Would It Take To Watch All Of Eastenders

Prepare yourself for a marathon of epic proportions, because as of March 2023, EastEnders has aired over 6,500 episodes. That’s a staggering amount of content to consume, and the number continues to grow with each passing week.

The Math Behind the Marathon

Assuming each episode clocks in at an average length of 30 minutes (excluding commercials), the total runtime of EastEnders would exceed 3,250 hours. That’s equivalent to:

  • 135 full days
  • 4.5 months
  • 135,000 minutes

Binge-Watching Breakdown

If you’re considering a binge-watching marathon, be prepared to dedicate a significant chunk of your life to this endeavor. Assuming you watch for 8 hours a day, it would take you:

  • 17 days to watch the first 1,000 episodes
  • 75 days to reach the 2,500 episode mark
  • 150 days to finish the entire series

Insider Tips for Successful Viewing

Embarking on an EastEnders marathon requires dedication, but there are a few tips that can enhance your viewing experience:

  • Pace Yourself: Don’t try to cram too many episodes into a single day. Spread it out over weeks or months to avoid burnout.
  • Choose Wisely: Not every episode is a masterpiece. Scan episode guides and forums to identify the most highly rated installments.
  • Immerse Yourself: Create a dedicated viewing space with comfortable seating and a large screen. Surround yourself with EastEnders memorabilia to enhance the atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Is it possible to watch all of EastEnders streaming?

    A: Yes, EastEnders episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer and BritBox.

  2. Q: What are some of the longest-running EastEnders characters?

    A: Ian Beale, Phil Mitchell, and Mick Carter have been featured in the show for over three decades.


Whether you’re a seasoned EastEnders fan or a newcomer ready to dive into the Walford saga, watching every episode of this iconic soap opera is a formidable undertaking. With over 3,250 hours of content to consume, it’s an adventure that demands dedication and a love for British television. So, are you up for the challenge?

How Long Would It Take To Watch All Of Eastenders

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