How to Get 200 Grams of Protein a Day as a Vegetarian

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As a vegetarian, getting enough protein can be a challenge. But it’s not impossible! With a little planning and effort, you can easily get the protein you need to stay healthy and strong.

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How To Get 200 Grams Of Protein A Day Vegetarian

Plant-Based Protein Sources


Legumes, such as beans, lentils, and peas, are excellent sources of protein. A cup of cooked beans contains about 15 grams of protein. Lentils and peas are also good sources of protein, with about 10 grams per cup.

Tofu and Tempeh

Tofu and tempeh are both made from soybeans and are complete proteins, meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids. A 3-ounce serving of tofu contains about 10 grams of protein, while a 3-ounce serving of tempeh contains about 15 grams.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are also good sources of protein. A handful of almonds contains about 6 grams of protein, while a tablespoon of chia seeds contains about 5 grams.


Quinoa is a grain that is a complete protein. A cup of cooked quinoa contains about 8 grams of protein.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are another good source of protein. A cup of milk contains about 8 grams of protein, while a cup of yogurt contains about 12 grams.

Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Registered dietitian and vegetarian advocate, Dawn Jackson Blatner, suggests making small changes to your diet to increase your protein intake gradually. She recommends adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie or oatmeal, snacking on nuts or seeds, and incorporating plant-based proteins such as tofu, lentils, or beans into your meals.


Q: How much protein do I need per day?

The recommended daily intake of protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. This means that a 150-pound person needs about 54 grams of protein per day. However, vegetarians may need to eat more protein to compensate for the lower bioavailability of plant-based protein.

Q: What are the symptoms of protein deficiency?

Protein deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, muscle loss, and impaired immune function. In severe cases, protein deficiency can lead to kwashiorkor, a life-threatening condition.

Q: Can I get all the protein I need from plant-based sources?

Yes, it is possible to get all the protein you need from plant-based sources. However, it is important to eat a variety of plant-based foods to ensure that you are getting all of the essential amino acids.


Getting enough protein as a vegetarian is possible with careful planning and effort. By incorporating plant-based protein sources into your diet, you can easily meet your protein needs and stay healthy and strong.

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How To Get 200 Grams Of Protein A Day Vegetarian

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