How to Say “Play Video Games” in Spanish

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Hola, video game enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how to express your passion for gaming in the vibrant language of Spanish? Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, this guide will provide you with all the essential phrases you need to communicate your gaming prowess. So, let’s dive into the world of video games and conquer the language barrier together!

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How To Say To Play Video Games In Spanish

Before we delve into the specific phrases, let’s understand how to form the verb “to play” in Spanish. The verb “to play” translates to “jugar” in Spanish, which is then conjugated according to the subject pronoun you’re using. For example, “yo juego” means “I play,” “tú juegas” means “you play,” and so on. Keep this in mind as we explore the various ways to express video game-related actions.

Playing Video Games

The most straightforward way to say “play video games” in Spanish is “jugar videojuegos.” This phrase is quite common and easily recognizable by native speakers. However, you can also use more specific terms depending on the type of game you’re referring to. For instance, if you want to say “play online video games,” you could say “jugar videojuegos en línea.”

Another way to express “play video games” is “echar una partida.” This phrase literally translates to “take a game,” but it’s commonly used to refer to playing video games casually. For example, you might say “Vamos a echar una partida” to invite a friend to play a quick game. Here are some examples of these phrases in action:

  • Yo juego videojuegos todos los días. (I play video games every day.)
  • ¿Quieres jugar videojuegos en línea conmigo? (Do you want to play video games online with me?)
  • Vamos a echar una partida de Call of Duty. (Let’s play a game of Call of Duty.)

Additional Phrases and Tips

To enhance your gaming vocabulary, here are some additional phrases and tips to help you navigate the virtual world in Spanish:

  • Iniciar un juego: Empezar un juego
  • Guardar el juego: Guardar el juego
  • Cargar el juego: Cargar el juego
  • Pausar el juego: Pausar el juego
  • Terminar el juego: Terminar el juego

When describing your gaming skills, you can use the following phrases:

  • Soy un jugador experimentado. (I am an experienced gamer.)
  • Soy muy bueno jugando a los disparos en primera persona. (I am very good at playing first-person shooters.)
  • Me encanta jugar juegos de rol. (I love playing role-playing games.)

Finally, here are some expert tips to help you master the language of gaming:

  • Practice regularly: The key to improving your Spanish language skills is to practice regularly. Try to incorporate gaming into your language learning routine by playing video games in Spanish.
  • Use a dictionary: Keep a Spanish-English dictionary handy to look up unfamiliar words and phrases.
  • Join a Spanish-speaking gaming community: Interacting with native speakers is a great way to improve your conversation skills and learn new gaming vocabulary.


Q: How do you say “game over” in Spanish?

A: Se acabó el juego

Q: What is the Spanish word for “controller”?

A: Mando

Q: How do you say “level up” in Spanish?

A: Subir de nivel

Q: What is the difference between “jugar” and “jugar a”?

A: “Jugar” is used for general playing, while “jugar a” is used specifically for playing games, such as board games or video games.


Now that you have mastered the essential Spanish phrases for video games, you’re well-equipped to conquer the virtual realm in the language of Cervantes. Whether you’re playing solo or teaming up with friends, you can confidently express your passion for gaming and communicate like a true gamer. Don’t forget to practice regularly and explore the vibrant Spanish-speaking gaming community to further enhance your language skills. Are you ready to embark on a new gaming adventure in Spanish? Let the games begin!

How To Say To Play Video Games In Spanish

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